Top tier level work for global industry players

Our team has done work and projects in website design, development, SEO and marketing communications for companies in maritime/shipmanagement, international freight forwarding (shipping and air freight) and logistics, packing & moving, as well as for a fast-growing eco-friendly chauffeur service in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

More specifically, we have unique experience in a highly specialised role for a well-known German-owned and headquartered in Cyprus multinational company in the maritime sector – Marlow Navigation who deals in Crew and Ship Management, and maritime training. Reporting to top management, our expert deals with the group's global marketing communications, with particular emphasis on online presence, corporate credibility, reputation management, content/editorial, and media relations.

This includes global branding and the launch of a new and market leading streamlined website, with development and user experience (UX) design, content, organic SEO and wider online presence, as well as creating, launching and managing the group's international social media channels Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Xing – creative content production, audience engagement and analytical reporting.

In addition, coordinating and producing the group's corporate brochure, annual training journals, in-house and global newsletters, corporate/management presentations, as well as articles, press releases, and advertising campaigns.

Experience Means Efficiency & Quality

Our international working experience on Website, SEO & online marketing communication projects in the Maritime/Shipping & Transport industry ensures we're in a stronger position to better understand & execute your solution.