Using more and more social media platforms does not necessarily mean more success with online presence and branding. The same holds true with having too many profiles/pages. In fact, it can very well be counterproductive and cannibalise online activity and credibility. Much better to choose only a few, use them regularly, and use them well!

There’s a lot of social media platforms out there these days. Even just the very well-known and popular ones are many; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Xing, Instagram, Pinterest, and whole bunch more.

Sometimes, businesses/organisations, especially those with relatively new websites have a tendency to overdo it and create accounts on many platforms in the hope that they gain more online exposure. Ultimately, they don’t have the time to properly manage them all and neglect to give them the proper attention and devotion. So their channels look empty and boring, which actually creates a rather negative impression.

Unless you represent a very big company, multinational, and with expansive networks (employees, clients and partners) to leverage for engagement, i.e. followers, likes, shares, comments, as well as greater resources for generating regular interesting content, you are likely to face many brick walls. You simply will not have the capacity, in content nor time to manage too many social media platforms.

Indeed, having channels with very few followers and little activity is not such a nice image. Not so nice when you visit a company’s website then click through to their Twitter account and see only a handful of followers and hardly any Tweets. What does this say about your company/organisation…? You created a twitter profile, but never actually used bothered to use it…?

Or even just running out of interesting content and being rushed into to creating (somewhat) uninteresting material that can also do some harm to your image. This does not only repel new followers, but perhaps even bore existing networks and push them to un-follow.

The tip is simple. Adopt a more humble, moderate, precise and ultimately manageable approach with your social media strategy. Choose only the few social media platforms that make the most sense for your business/organisation to reach and engage with the most relevant audiences, and focus on these.

Even better if these are the social media platforms that you (and/or your team) is most active on and enjoy. Indeed, your network is already existing here and your technical know-how at a good level. Meanwhile, enjoying the platform you use and what you do on there can only lead to more creativity and social media success!