Supporting individuals & organisations online

Some sectors need a lot more care and attention to their marketing, due to their type of audience, as well as legal or organisational constraints, especially throughout much of the European Union. Many also need a more personal approach. These factors are particularly true for educational institutions, health practitioners and clinics, the arts and non-profit organisations and associations.

However, strong online presence, high search engines rankings and good credibility is no less important. Perhaps more so, since other type of marketing and advertising is likely regulated and limited, or budgets restraint.

Our agency's team has many years' experience in delivering projects for these specific areas, as well as previous working background throughout the EU, the UK and further abroad, such as in Waldorf education, social work, project managing and directing theatre productions, as well as teaching, and community Internet/computer tutoring.

We've completed a variety of website, SEO and online marketing communication projects in education, health, the arts and for non-profit organisations. Some of the more noteworthy include a special joint conference for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore and Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, an academic institute and archive centre in Germany, projects for psychologists in France and Cyprus, a company in regenerative medicine research and biomedical kidney/tissue engineering and affiliated to the leading Mario Negri institute in Italy, a well-known German artists, and the Eurasia Foundation in Vietnam.

Experience Means Efficiency & Quality

Our international working experience on Website, SEO & online marketing communication projects with Education, Health, the Arts & Organisations ensures we're in a stronger position to better understand & execute your solution.