Some companies & organisations try to come off as being more popular by actually buying facebook 'likes'. Not only is this a fake image, but it's actually harming your reputation & rankings.

There are services out there that sell facebook (or other social media) likes. Some are plain and simply fake profile likes – using specialised software to produce fake facebook accounts which like your page, and make random comments and likes on your posts – whilst others claim to be real human likes.

EITHER WAY, they are all fake profiles to your business and purpose!

Sure, they might seemingly help portray an image that your company is ‘more popular’, but think about it, what’s the point of increasing your facebook likes with such fake likes, when every time you share something meaningful, its reaching an non-meaningful audience...? They will certainly not buy your product, service or cause, and neither will any of their fake friends, that’s for sure.

Why not to buy facebook likes:

  • Against facebook terms & conditions of services
  • Dishonest to your audience/market – not a good sign of your ethics
  • Tarnishes your credibility when fake people engage in your posts
  • Tells search engines that less percentage of your likes re-visit your page and engage, therefore drops your ranking

So do it the real, honest, proper and professional way. Stick to inviting only real people to like your page. Focus on dynamic, relevant and interesting content to drive interest to your page and build exposure. If only real people are seeing it, albeit less, that’s enough and exactly what you should want!