Using #HashTags on Social Media

Yes, there is a strategy to using hashtags on social media platforms. Use hashtags sparingly and only when they add value and meaning to the words in your post. Overdoing it with how many words you hashtag in a single post, or how many words you put into the one hashtag can be confusing, ugly, and quite truthfully annoying.

Choose & Focus on Your Best Social Media

Using more and more social media platforms does not necessarily mean more success with online presence and branding. The same holds true with having too many profiles/pages. In fact, it can very well be counterproductive and cannibalise online activity and credibility. Much better to choose only a few, use them regularly, and use them well!

Business & New Ways of Thinking

"Millions of people do not yet realise or know what the future holds for them. Politics alone will not manage to take them into the age of Digitization" - Chancellor Merkel at Cebit, Europe's Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization held each year in Hanover, Germany; Source: n-tv